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Podcast: I Have Today with Diane Forster

Learn the 5 Keys to Confidence

30 minutes

Says Diane: Could you imagine being bedridden for SEVEN YEARS due to a back injury? My guest today, Moira Shepard, lived like that. Her story of determination, self-healing, and triumphing past the pain and into a powerful existence where she now helps so many women boost their confidence is a story that will inspire and empower you! Stay until the end because I asked her a question about her greatest challenge right now, and her answer will surprise you and it will ENLIGHTEN YOU. If you are a coach, mentor, healer, teacher, leader, influencer ...Her honest answer will humble you. Wow!

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Podcast: Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell

Heal by Mastering Your Mind

36 minutes

When your doctors tell you there's nothing more they can do to help you after you've spent years in bed with a back injury -- that would be the end, for some people. For Moira, it was just the beginning of her healing journey. In this interview, she reveals how she used her mind to get back on her feet again and went on to create a business that has helped and inspired thousands of women to rethink what is possible for them.

Podcast: Soul Collective with Emily Ghosh Harris

Discover the Secret of Building Confidence

65 minutes

So many people wait until they feel more confident before they start making positive changes whether it's finding more satisfying work, living their purpose, or shining their light. But the truth is, confidence comes after you take action – not before. In this episode, Moira shares secrets to building unshakeable confidence to help you go after your big dreams! This episode will help you heal if you've struggled in the past with shining your light and to help you start seeing yourself, and your gifts, in a new light.