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Create a Life You Love

Empowerment and Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurs

āœØ Discover Your Path to Personal and Creative Empowerment āœØ

If you're looking for a transformative journey toward a life overflowing with passion, purpose, and joy - you've come to the right place!

I am here to guide you ... as an extraordinary woman coach, healer, writer, artist, thought leader, or creative entrepreneur... to create more than a new chapter in your life.

We're here to launch a whole new adventure that will make your heart sing.

It all begins with warm, insightful coaching, inspiring speaking events, and media that touches the heart.

What we offer just for you

šŸŒŸ Coaching Services: Unlock Your Inner Brilliance

Individual Coaching: Personalized sessions to make your dreams come true. We'll focus on personal growth, creative empowerment, and overcoming barriers. Find out more here.

Group Coaching: Share, learn, and grow with women just like you in a nurturing environment, to enhance our collective wisdom and shared success. New program starting soon.

šŸŽ¤ Speaking Engagements: Inspirational Talks to Ignite the Soul

Uplifting Talks: Be inspired by stories and uplift and empower. Find out more here.

Workshops That Wow: Fun, practical, interactive sessions designed to unleash your creative potential and bring out your best. Here's an example.

šŸ“š Media Resources: Your Toolkit for Success

Books: Dive into a world of inspiration with my bestselling books, offering practical wisdom and heartfelt guidance. Check them out here.

Videos: Engaging and motivational content to uplift your spirit and guide your entrepreneurial journey. Watch them here.

Blog: Stay updated with insightful articles, success stories, and tips for your personal and professional growth. Dive in here.

Join our enchanted circle

Step into a realm where women just like you connect, grow, and flourish.

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Hi, Iā€™m Moira Shepard

I'm all about helping you to develop the confidence you need to create a successful and soul-satisfying life.

Whether you are searching for a fresh perspective on life, aiming to reach a specific goal, or you're facing big changes and need help in handling them, I offer a variety of services and resources designed to unleash the very best in you.

As an intuitive healer, life coach, and successful entrepreneur, I specialize in personal coaching and spiritual counseling for women who want to share their gifts with the world, make great money, and have fun doing it.

Leave struggle behind.

Discover how to love your way to confidence, abundance, success - and more.

My services include:

Personal Coaching

I'm here to help you recover from your past, discover your next right steps, and move forward with confidence and joy.

Confidence-Building Resources

Discover how simple it can be to develop the confidence you need to succeed personally and professionally


I offer insight and inspiration as a guest expert on podcasts, as well as offering live workshops, talks, and more.

Ready to discover how to love your way to confidence and abundance?

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