Meet Moira Shepard

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I’m all about helping coaches, healers, speakers, and writers to develop the confidence they need to succeed.

Creative women entrepreneurs face many challenges in today’s business world. One of the biggest challenges is an underlying feeling of unworthiness, which is pretty much a non-issue for male business leaders.

Feelings of unworthiness lead to under-charging for your services, shying away from opportunities for more money or visibility, burning out because you're trying to do it all yourself...

I have been there. And I'm here to tell you - there is another way. Walk with me, and I'll show you.

With more than 15 years of experience in intuitive healing, life coaching, and entrepreneurship, my number-one goal is to share my knowledge and expertise with women leaders all over the world. Whether you are looking to start a new business from scratch, reach a new life goal, or receive general life guidance, I offer tailored services and resources designed to guide you along the path to a successful business and a successful life.

I didn't choose this work. It chose me. It's quite a story. You can read it here.

You are the light of the world

I'm here to help you shine



Creating a world that works for everyone begins with creating a life that works for you.

It is only when your own life is in good order that you can help others in loving, effective, real-world ways.

Your joyful participation in our communities, our nations, and our world enriches everyone.

Everyone, including you, deserves loving relationships, fulfilling work, lavish income, radiant health. By serving you, we serve this vision.



I'm here to help you release self-doubt and develop authentic confidence, so you can...

  • Pursue your heart's desire with confidence, joy, and intelligence
  • Believe in the value of your talents, so you can charge what your gifts are worth and feel good about it
  • Trust that you can learn everything you need to know to build your dream business - and do it
  • Discover and fulfill your soul's purpose here on Earth


Degrees in Philosophy, Political Science, and Communications

Radio talk show host

18+ years of entrepreneurship

Developing and leading courses and workshops

Certified Practitioner or Instructor in:

Akashic Record reading and healing

A Course in Miracles

DNA Repatterning

Neurological Repatterning

ThetaHealing ®

Violet Flame of Transmutation

Lightarian Reiki

Intuitive (Psychic) Anatomy

Seven Rays of Creation

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Ready to stop struggling and start loving your way to success?

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