It turns out that without knowing it, I was (am) also looking for a fresh start.  My birthday is at the end of this month, and each year it DOES seem like a new chapter begins. 

I am facing some challenges of an emotional nature (not physical, thank goodness) which involve finances and family. 

I am using this time building up to my birthday to get it sorted and get the “barnacles off the boat in the dry dock,” so to speak. 

Your class helped me to see that and gave me a new perspective on what I did not even perceive as a “problem” before.  (What I didn’t know I didn’t know!)

Thanks! - Rev. Doris Davis - Interfaith Minister, Los Angeles

What People Say About Working with Moira

Blessings, Moira!
Words cannot begin to express the immense gratitude I have in my heart for you today, and for the work that was facilitated by you through our session.

The energy took over me, and I felt as if I was being lovingly held in the arms of an infinite number of higher beings. I felt such peace, even when aspects of myself were struggling to hold on to the old ways of being; ways that were keeping me small and enslaved to beliefs that were not Truth.

Dear Moira,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful reading I received yesterday!!! It was so fascinating and enlightening. I listened to the MP3 recording last night before bed just to anchor the learnings more in my consciousness and I slept really well and comfortably.

I am very excited about what transpired in the session! You are very gifted and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and I will surely refer friends and family to you in the future. - Blessings, Hilarie Moore, RN, UCI Medical Center

"Hi Moira,
Wow, what a powerful and joyous experience today, thank you soooo much.  I really felt a shift. I was so in the moment I really don't remember a lot. I felt some pain and heaviness in the beginning but then the bright Light and Christ Consciousness came in; amazing!!!! Real freedom at last. Thank you, Moira!" - Loretta Holton, Lake Tahoe, NV

“Thank you so much Moira, I’m still AMAZED by this reading... And filled with so much excitement, I can barely stand it! This was such an amazing and empowering experience! I know now, more than ever, I’m ALWAYS, EXACTLY where I am supposed to be : )Jane Liddell, South Yarmouth, MA

“What an amazing healing!  I felt totally enveloped in love and understanding while being supported by the masters of the Akashic records.  I'm hooked and coming back for more soon!” – Karen Abrams, Master Theta Healer, North Hollywood, CA

I walked into that session feeling confused and lost – and I walked out confident, motivated, inspired, excited. I looked forward to seeing how it would evolve.

Her prediction was right on. Within nine months of our reading, I received the inspiration for “The Art of Having it All: Men. Money. Style.”

And I’m building a highly profitable info-marketing business online as a result.

It HAS brought me to a whole new level
– and I still look forward to seeing how it evolves! THANK YOU, MOIRA! – Cherry Norris, Hollywood Dating Director, Marina del Rey

At a time when I was confused about my career, I went to see Moira for a reading because I was really starting to wonder if my business would ever take off after all the hard work I’ve put in.

She saw that within nine months, I would create a whole new system that would launch me to a whole new level. She also gave me some counseling and coaching that really clarified things for me and encouraged me to see that I was getting ready to play a much bigger game than I had been.

"My session with Moira was really fun and highly productive.  Her intuition and depth of understanding is phenomenal.  She laser beamed right in on my core issues and then provided help - releasing energies on a soul level, and putting into words concepts that I have been struggling with for years.  Turbo-healing!  I highly recommend.  (And did I remember to mention - it was FUN!)" - Catheryn B., Los Angeles

I am getting such amazing results from working with Moira! I am finally learning to love myself (not an easy task) and to believe in myself (also not so easy) because of her incredible support and healing energy. When Moira does an Akashic reading, she gets right to the heart of the matter so that the issue can be resolved and healed. Whatever has been hiding comes into the Light and Moira brings her gifts to heal it. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Moira because I just keep feeling better and better! ! - Tricia Ebert, Realtor, Burbank, CA

"Moira, I just wanted to thank you again for that wonderful healing session - the effect has been incredible - it's had a profound effect on my being:-). 
I still have that amazing feeling of lightness, energy and va-va-voom for life. I wake up every day with a woohoo!!! feeling - I don't think I've ever felt as happy or found it so easy just to be me.  If you could bottle and ship what you did - I'd order it by the ton!" -  Maria Huntsman, London

"After decades as a composer for stage, TV and film - I spent the last 10 years completely dried up. I would sit down at the piano and nothing would happen. I thought my creative life was over. Then came my session with Moira.Within a day, I was back at the piano - playing, composing - and loving it. There are no words to say how thankful I am for this miracle, Moira. Bless you! - George T., Venice, CA

"Today I received Grace.   It came in a conversation with Moira.  The messages she gave me resonated so strongly with my heart that I got chills.  At times, throughout our conversation, I heard and felt “power surges” from her.  This was when I knew that an infinitely powerful Spirit was speaking directly to me through her.   It commanded attention and I felt as if the messages were imprinted into every cell in my body.  The power of the truth in her words was palpable.  The truth does set you free from ancestral blocks.  I will forever be grateful to have connected with Moira.” – Suz Curry, Buena Vista, CO

"I have had hundreds of readings with various holistic healing practitioners over the years in my capacity as the director of a spiritual wellness center.  They have all been excellent...but Moira Shepard is a cut above the rest.  She recently shared with me a session on accessing the Akashic records and it was one of the most impact-full sessions I have ever had.  She is a devoted, caring and razor sharp professional!Rev. Danielle Marie, Founder & Spiritual Director of the Temple of Light, Irvine, CA

“I went to Moira to figure out the best way to do my two businesses – interior decorating using feng shui and Earth-friendly materials, and art direction for television shows... 

"First, she helped me get clear that I needed to decide on one or the other to avoid dividing my energy and focus. Then, she helped me see that television really is my first love, and what I most enjoy doing. Finally, she showed me I have everything I need to succeed in this right now. 

"We did all this in a one-hour session – and 30 minutes after it was over, I got a phone call offering me my dream job on the Bonnie Hunt show – and I hadn’t even applied for the position! Wow! Moira, you’re incredible!” 
Kelley Wright, Emmy Award-winning set designer, Fairfield, CT

"The day after I worked with Moira, I went to the book expo in New York hoping to find a new agent and interest a publisher in my new book. As soon as I walked off the plane, I met the agent – it was that easy! And I have FIVE publishers interested in my next projects. I know that the work we did opened the door to all of this … thank you!!!" – Donna Sozio, Dating Expert and Publishing Consultant, Marina del Rey, CA

My heart feels more alive; more expanded today, and I truly feel that all IS possible. My thoughts are moving into alignment with what I deserve. And yes, there are still thoughts that are attempting to keep me in lower vibrations. However, the Butterfly Effect is very much alive in my being today:Ripples of energy are coursing through my body, and it is finally in a space to fully surrender. To fully be the Light. What joy!

My Akashic Records now hold a beautiful file... that is you, and I am so blessed to have another Divine addition to all that I am. You are amazing. No. You are beyond amazing, and I will unabashedly recommend your work to anyone who resonates with this sharing!

Thank you again, Goddess! Loving you!" -  Adonya Wong, Author/Healer, Los Angeles