NOTE: Once you have made your purchase, you will be taken to the download page to get your personal audio sessions of "Romance, Finance and Mom"

NOTE:  Once you have made your purchase, you will be taken to the download page to get your personal copy of "Romance, Finance and Mom"

Romance, Finance and Mom BUNDLE

5 One-Hour Transformational Audios - MP3 downloads

5 Illuminating Guidebooks + Success Tips - PDF downloads

Only $177

Romance, Finance and Mom - Audio ONLY

5 One-Hour MP3s overflowing with healing, clarity and transformation

Only $97

Consider treating yourself to "Romance, Finance and Mom.”

Let’s look at the value you get with this program

If you had five private sessions with Moira Shepard, you would pay: $1235

Five one-of-kind MP3s of "Romance, Finance and Mom" audios energetically programmed to bring you new healings and insights every time you listen: $497

Five full-length transcripts and interactive workbooks for the "Romance, Finance and Mom" program: $497

Clearing your path to the Love and Money you've been hoping, working and yearning for: Priceless! 

Total value: $2229

I want to make it super-easy for you to access this power-packed package of inspirational transformation, so I'm offering it for:

  • If you sense a connection between the way your mother treated you and the way your partner, lover, child, or boss treats you...
  • If it makes sense to you that the way your mother handled money (or didn't) influences the way you handle money (or don't)...​
  • If you are READY to claim your natural inheritance of Abundance AND feel safe and worthy of having it ...

Is “Romance, Finance and Mom” right for YOU?

As we go through the "Romance, Finance ... and Mom" program, you may notice that you become more aware of your ways of behaving, the way you expect things to work out (or not); the way you treat people and the way other people tend to treat you.

As you become more mindful of behaviors and actions you never used to think about - they begin to change for the better ... and so does your life.

For example, you may suddenly see that nagging your loved one, like a boyfriend or child, wears you down. It wears down your loved one. Your loved one begins to love you less.

Is that really what you want? This class helps you find a better way to create satisfaction and increase closeness between you and your loved ones.

Another example: You may realize that you have let golden opportunities slip by because they feel too big for you to handle. "Romance, Finance and Mom" helps you develop authentic confidence that you can handle actually having the Love and Abundance you desire and deserve.

In your DNA, you carry the thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs of all of your ancestors. Many of your assumptions and expectations about the way life works comes from your ancestors, with centuries of experience to back them up.

Their outdated assumptions, like "Money is the root of all evil," live on in your unconscious mind, blocking money from coming to you - even if you consciously think that money can a force for good in the world.

It can be hard to free yourself of unconsciously held ancestral beliefs. They lie beneath your conscious awareness ... so how can you know whether you have them?

If you're broke, you have unconscious money-blocking beliefs. If you're lonely, you have unconscious love-blocking beliefs. This class will help you permanently change those beliefs.

If you have been working on your love life or your financial situation, and it still hasn't changed, this class meeting may be the most transformational of the five sessions you will experience in "Romance, Finance and Mom."

This session covers the way you treat yourself, and the way others treat you. It also includes the way you expect others to treat you.

The way you see yourself as an individual, and the way you see yourself in relation to others - as a seductive vamp, a helpless victim, a glorious goddess, or a sensitive flower - influences all of your relationships for better or worse.

The bottom line is, no one can love you more than you love yourself - you won't accept it because you feel unworthy of their love.

If your love life or family life has been less than satisfying, this class will help you change that.

This session looks at the way you perceive your mother. Is she your best friend, your worst enemy, or somewhere in between?

The way you see your mother colors the way you see yourself and your life.

Whether you want to be just like her – or completely the opposite of Mom – you’re still seeing yourself through the lens of your feelings about your mother.

That makes it difficult to see who YOU really are, independent of Mom. It becomes challenging to create the kind of life you would love to lead when you’re measuring yourself against your mother and what she has, or hasn’t, accomplished.

This class will help you see yourself as you really are – a beloved Child of Light. It will also transform your relationship with your step-mother, foster mother, adoptive mother, or whoever stood as a mother to you in your life.

Romance, Finance and Mom BUNDLE

5 One-Hour MP3s + 5 PDF Guidebooks with Transcript + Success Tips ... only $177

Romance, Finance and Mom - Audio ONLY

5 One-Hour MP3s loaded with transformation, healing and bliss  ... only $97


In this warm and friendly introductory session, we'll look at how your mother shaped the way you see the world, and how that's played out in your life up until now.

Then we'll see the assumptions you've been making about the kind of person you are ... how worthy or unworthy of love or wealth you are...

And we're going to CHANGE all those hurtful assumptions, right in the session, to open your heart and mind to the True Love that brings joy, satisfaction and fulfillment - rather than the false love you've been limping along with, up until now, because it seemed to the only game in town.

All you have to do is listen, and occasionally say "Yes" out loud if you want to experience immediate, positive changes on the personal, soul, DNA and past-life levels.

Together, we will open the door to joyful, happy surprises for you in romance and finance.

Is it possible to stop unconsciously sabotaging yourself? ABSOLUTELY!

In this transformational, self-guided home study course, we’re going to look at the way your mother treated you – which profoundly colored every relationship, job, financial situation and hardship you’ve had in this life.

We’re going to light up your understanding of your mother, and what her behavior toward you really meant about you, in relation to what you thought it meant.

We’re going to illuminate your understanding of yourself so you can forgive, bless, and free yourself to rejoice in Infinite Abundance.

We’re going to heal your relationship with Love, Money, Freedom and Joy, so you can start actually experiencing these things in your life right away … AND feel really good about it!

Women, especially, have a hard time with receiving. We’ll give until it bleeds; yet feel unworthy of receiving anything in return for all we do.

This makes it really hard to allow yourself to receive the Love, Money and More that you’ve been praying, hoping and working for … because you keep asking for it, yet you refuse to allow yourself to have it.

Here’s the bottom line: the way your mother treated you becomes the way you treat yourself and others … the way you expect others to treat you … the way you expect to experience Love, Money, Freedom and Joy – or lack of it – in this lifetime.

When you heal your relationship with Mom, you heal your relationship with yourself … with other people … with Love, Money, Freedom and Joy … and with Life Itself.

The self-paced home study course "Romance, Finance and Mom" supports you in not only opening to receive Love, Money and all Good things …

But to feel GOOD about receiving them – because if you feel badly about Receiving, you’re going to turn away from or sabotage your Good to make it go away so you can feel comfortable, safe and normal again.

Romance, Finance and Mom

How Your Feelings about Your Mother Block Love and Money ...  and Five Ways to Change That Right Now

Until a new man abandoned me two months into what I thought was a promising relationship. His sudden vanishing left me in agony so intense, it shocked me.

It made no sense to feel such deep heartbreak over a man I barely knew. Something older and deeper had to be generating this gut-churning anguish. I had to get to the root cause … or go crazy.

I discovered the root cause and permanently healed it. Now, it is a joy and an honor to share this unique, life-changing process with you.

My Confession:

I really wanted to forgive my mother and worked hard at it, both on my own and by going to therapists, healers, shamans and seminars.

But, dang! Just when I thought I’d finally released all my old resentments for good – Mom would do something that triggered frustration way out of proportion to the cause … which showed that I still had a long way to go in the forgiveness department ...

Did you know, when you were a baby in the womb …

You felt every emotion your mother felt. If your mother felt unloved, unwanted or unworthy … so did you. If your mother felt insecure, scared, or angry … so did you.

You heard every word your mother said. If your mother complained, “Nothing ever goes my way,” you thought nothing ever goes your way, either. If your mother shouted, “You don’t care about me!” you thought no one cared about you.

You saw every thought that went through your mother’s mind. If your mother thought, “There’s not going to be enough money” … you spend your life convinced there’s never going to be enough money. If your mother thought, “I wish I weren’t having this baby ” … you may endlessly strive to prove your worth and justify your existence; or engage in harmful or self-destructive behavior to unconsciously prove that Mom was right - your being born was a really bad idea. Either way, nothing has been enough to make you feel wanted or worthy.

If you have been struggling with Love or Money – it’s not your fault. You were programmed in the womb for struggle.

It’s not your mother’s fault, either. Whatever your mother said or did, it was the best she could do at the time. You might have done the same, in her position.

When you fully grasp the profound influence your mother has had on you – even if you have never met her– it becomes clear that when you heal your relationship with your mother, you heal your relationship with yourself – with Love – with Money – with Life itself.

At Last, You Can Re-Connect with the Truths about Yourself You’ve Always Known, Deep in Your Heart:

  • You are Loved and Lovable
  • You Matter
  • Your Higher Power Cares about You, Deeply and Personally
  • Life Wants You to be Happy and Successful​
  • You Deserve All the Love and Money You Want – and MORE!

When you FEEL these truths deep in your heart and soul – nothing and no one can stop Love and Money from coming to you!

Heal Your Relationship with Love, Money - and More

  • Sample/Session 25:58

NOTE: Once you have made your purchase, you will be taken to the download page to get your personal audio sessions and guidebooks of "Romance, Finance and Mom"