Here's a peek inside "Love Your Way to Abundance: 5 Retreats to Create Prosperity Through Joy" online gatherings

Retreat 1: Forgive Yourself - As long as you withhold acceptance from yourself (or others), you withhold abundance from yourself, too.

You will love this retreat if you feel...

  • ​Unworthy of love, money, or success
  • Like nothing you do is ever good enough 
  • Guilty for no reason

Retreat 2: Take Care of Yourself – Nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul so you can feel more loved, supported, and abundant right away.

You will love this retreat if...

  • You're running on empty
  • You're trying to bounce back from burnout
  • You feel lost in the busyness of your life

Retreat 3: Respect Yourself– Recognize your value, so you can feel worthy and comfortable with charging fees that reflect the worth of what you do.

You will love this retreat if...

  • You often say "Yes" to doing things you don't want to do
  • It's been 5 years since you raised your rates
  • Money slips through your fingers

Retreat 4:Trust Yourself – Deepen your connection to your inner wisdom so you can consistently make choices that create prosperity in ways that feel natural and authentic to you.

You will love this retreat if you...

  • Feel confused by too many people telling you what to do
  • Have no idea what you want
  • Worry that whatever choice you make - you will be wrong

Retreat 5: Choose Joy – Give yourself permission to follow your bliss, so it can lead you to greater abundance than you can imagine right now.

You will love this retreat if you...

  • Feel trapped in your life
  • Numb yourself out by eating pints of Chunky Monkey while binge-watching "Friends"
  • Have forgotten what joy feels like

If just one of these retreats helps you open to receiving the abundant love, prosperity, success, and freedom that you help others to create - what would that be worth to you?

What people say about my classes

“I’ve been going non-stop!”
After the first call, I felt so motivated I’ve been going non-stop since then. I realized I’ve been saying that I wanted certain things and, to be honest, I wasn’t doing very much about it. That’s all changed! Thank you! – C. Counts, California

“Wow! I love getting unexpected checks in the mail!”
I have received 2 large, unexpected checks in the mail since your class, AND I was introduced to the most amazing, profitable opportunity thus far in my life. Thank you!
-C. Collins, California

"This class isn't just hot ... it's WHITE-HOT!" - K. Pyle, Texas

Here are the results I’ve seen since we started:
My savings account is the highest it's been ever.
Our office has unexpectedly shifted and I'm now in a sunny corner office with sea views.
My lover has been much more vocal in his appreciation of me and has been looking for ways to be more romantic!
– A. Griffith, New South Wales, Australia

PPS - Sign up now to claim your Quick Action Reward - only the first 10 people to join will receive the "Bust Your Money Blocks: Your 7-Step Prosperity Planner" printable guidebook - a $79 value

Quick Action Reward

In this friendly and inspiring video training, you will discover how to:

  • Tap into and trust the inner wisdom that knows exactly what to do next
  • Deal with your doubts in a way that makes them vanish into thin air, so you can get going again
  • Easily identify your next right step and the one after that to create a successful and soul-satisfying business

Sound good?

"Stop Doubting" gives you a simple process you can use again and again to reach your goals, follow your calling, live your bliss...

You can use it as soon as you sign up to get in the flow of abundance before our first retreat on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

The thing is ...

It can be hard to do the inner work needed to clear out the underbrush and discover who you are today, all by yourself.

If you're like most people, you can focus on your innermost self for about 5 minutes. And then there's dinner to think about. Email to check. Shows to watch, so you can unwind.

I get it. We’re all short on time and energy right now.  And nobody is going to say, “You need to take a break right now.”

Still, you can do it for yourself. You can claim the time and space to breathe deeply. To get acquainted with who you are today.

You can give yourself permission to feel into the dreams and goals that matter most to the person you are now. To soften into allowing yourself to receive the abundance you've been working, praying, and hoping for.

So, if you’re feeling squashed by the demands of others, by scary events unfolding around you, by your own fears of success or failure …

It’s all the more important to allow yourself room to grow into the magnificent being taking shape within you right now.

Coaches, Healers, Speakers and Writers deserve to be among the highest paid people in the world

Here's an idea

Instead of trying to figure out your next business-building move right this minute ... 

How about giving yourself a little breathing room to stop doing and just be. So you can discover who you are and what you want today.

The dreams that lit you up 5 years ago may mean nothing to you now, but you're still pursuing them out of habit or lack of a better idea.

You may be trying to decide on a next step that will take you down a path you no longer wish to travel.

The you who wanted to be a world-traveling workshop leader might have evolved into someone who wants to do a few hours of online coaching three or four days a week. Because you want more time for your grandkids. Or your garden. Or that inspirational card deck you've been dreaming about creating.

How awesome would it be to give yourself the time and space and grace to connect with the amazing person you are becoming, even at this moment as you read these words?

Look at all the value you receive in "Love Your Way to Abundance"

#1 – Introductory Discount – 50% off your tuition – Value: $497

#2 – 5 hours of insight, healing, and practical tips – Value: $1250

#3 – 24/7 access to video replays of every meeting, so you never miss out on a single gathering – Value: $750

#4 – Bonus training “Stop Doubting, Start Doing” so you can deepen your connection to your inner wisdom, before "Clear Your Path to Abundance" starts – Value: $97

#5 – Personal email support from me for the duration of the class – Value: priceless!

#6 - Quick Action Reward: "Bust Your Money Blocks" in-depth guidebook to healing your money issues - Value: $79 - only the first 10 people to sign up will receive this.

PLUS fun surprises along the way

Total value: $2594- You pay only $497 or two easy payments of $267

I can help you with that 

I believe you deserve all the good things in life.

And I've created a sacred space for you to grow into believing it for yourself.

To nourish a part of you that has been starving for love and attention.

To understand that you have more power to create a bright future and satisfying life than you imagined.

Because once you clearly see that abundance is who you are, it flows to you from every direction.

You are lovingly invited to join me in this space of grace that I call ...

You give more than time, skill, and talent -- which deserve big paydays, too.
You give of yourself – your caring, your love, your very essence.
When you give so much, it's only fair to be given much in return.

And yet, if you’re like most coaches, healers, speakers, and writers, you’re an expert at giving, but at receiving … not so much. 

You bend over backward to help others make their dreams come true.

To help them shine their light ... be the best version of themselves ... give themselves permission to pursue their dream.

But your own dreams end up on the back burner, boiling down to nothing.

You deserve better than that, my dear. Because you are the light of the world.

How much longer will you defer your dreams?

How much longer will you wait before stepping up and sharing your unique gifts? The world needs you now more than ever.

Even though nobody knows what the future holds, you are far from helpless.

In fact, right now you have the power to move forward with clarity, courage, and wisdom.

Just imagine...

​When you become more well-known, you can help more people with your insight, wisdom, and know-how.

What a difference will you make in people’s lives when you share your message through talks, workshops, videos, online courses, podcasts, or any other method that gives you joy.

When you give yourself permission to make more money, you have more to share through spending (boosting the economy) and giving (supporting causes or individuals dear to your heart).

How loved and supported will you feel when you had high-quality clients clamoring for your next workshop, retreat, class – or whatever offering would give you the most joy?

When you give your dreams the love and focus they need to become your reality, you inspire others to make their own dreams come true.

Those are exactly the kind of results you can expect when you realize you've already earned all the abundance you've ever wanted - and more.

When you understand that you deserve the same love and consideration you give so generously to others.

Meet me at our space of grace on...

Tuesdays on Zoom at 2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern at:
October 12 | October 19 | November 2 | November 9 | November 16

Hey, we'll be done before Thanksgiving!

How cool would it be if you could go into the holiday season feeling refreshed, inspired, and happy about what you're doing?

What to expect
At each 90-minute retreat, we will take time to:

  1. Do some easy breathing exercises to release tension and stress
  2. Discuss the day’s prosperity practice and how it can help you, personally, to open to receive the abundance you desire and deserve
  3. Journaling about ways you would like to experience prosperity and abundance in your own life
  4. Conduct group and personal healings to align you with the vibration and frequency of abundance
  5. Set intentions so the group can support you in reaching them
  6. Allow a little time for you to rest or reflect or bask in bliss before you go on to the next thing

PS - The Rev. Michael Beckwith reminds us that we're pushed by pain until we're pulled by a vision.

Join us in creating a fresh and inspiring vision that guides you to all the love, health, wealth, and freedom you ever wanted.

Love Your Way to Abundance:

5 Retreats to Create Prosperity Through Joy

Bonus Training Included: "Stop Doubting, Start Doing"

Do you feel like you and your business are stuck?
Help is here

The first 10 people to sign up will receive "Bust Your Money Blocks," an in-depth guide to clearing your money issues for good.

Our mini-retreats explore abundance in the broadest sense.

This empowering handbook helps you to specifically open up to financial abundance, which makes it a great companion piece for the "Love Your Way to Abundance" retreats.

Click on this link to claim your thank-you gift for attending the "5 Simple Steps to Jump-Start Your Abundance" webinar. Enjoy, my dear!

In this series of 5 live retreats, we will dive deeply into 5 practices designed to help you create and sustain an abundant life you love.

You will walk away from these virtual retreats with the confidence to:

  • Become a magnetic and popular expert in your field
  • Charge what your services are worth - and feel good about it
  • Follow your bliss, because it leads you to abundance
  • Allow yourself the time, money, and energy you need for your own well-being
  • Let your creativity come out to play - You're here to express yourself!
  • Give yourself permission to do what gives you joy - and get paid well for it

If you're sick of the long months of uncertainty and sad surprises...

I get it.

Feeling lost and helpless in the face of massive change isn't as much fun as it sounds.

It doesn't have to be like that.

Instead of focusing on your fears - which creates more of what you do not want -

Let's focus on what makes you feel loved and cared about - which creates more of what you do want.

Here's the coolest part

When we gather together with a shared intention of joyfully creating abundance, it happens faster and with less effort through the power of group consciousness.

You are lovingly invited to come and join us if it feels right to you.

And, darling - thank you for reading this far. I appreciate it.

Knowing you are loved and blessed, whatever you decide, I am,

Abundantly Yours,

Moira Shepard

What happens after you sign up

1 ) You will receive a PayPal receipt confirming your purchase

2) You will receive an email from me within 24 hours, which will include:

-- A warm welcome to “Love Your Way to Abundance” – you have given yourself a gift that will inspire and uplift you for the rest of your life. I’m so excited that you have joined us!

-- Your Quick Action Reward (if you were one of the first 10 to sign up) – “Bust Your Money Blocks.” You can print up this 46-page PDF guidebook and start clearing your money issues right away.

-- Your bonus training, “Stop Doubting, Start Doing” – a 3-part interactive video series designed to help you deeply connect with your inner wisdom so you can confidently take inspired action toward your goals. Watch the first video as soon as you can, so you can get the most out of “Love Your Way to Abundance.”

-- Dates, times, and links for our 5 retreats on Zoom. Allow about 90 minutes for each gathering, so you can relax before your next thing.

Our first retreat takes place on Tuesday, Oct. 12, but it will start working on you as soon as you sign up.

You will start feeling more loved and supported in that moment.

You will become more aware of your needs and honor them with compassion.

Your inner wisdom will lead you to your next right step.

In short, you start opening up to abundance right away.

What's standing in your way?

Here are 3 factors that could be keeping you from sharing your talents in a way that enriches you as well as others.

1) You're motivated by love rather than money

If you're like most coaches, healers, speakers, and writers, you are great at giving. But at receiving... not so much. When you fear losing love or clients if you raise your fees, you'll work for peanuts rather than give up doing what you love, as long as you can keep the lights on.

2) Too much information

If your email box is like mine, it's stuffed full of messages from darling people who want to teach you how to get your message out there and make tons of money by creating high-end webinars, workshops, information products, group coaching, a series of books ...

There are so many options, it can overwhelm you. How can you be sure which path to profit is right for you? You end up doing nothing because that seems safer than risking a wrong choice.

3) Too little information

You're evolving so rapidly, it's hard to keep up with who you are becoming. You and your goals may have changed without your noticing.

For instance, you might have ...

  • Done a lot of training without taking the next step of setting up a practice - and you want to give some thought to the kind of business you want to create before you take action
  • Left your job, or your job left you - which gives you time to do what you really want ... only you're not sure what that is
  • Gotten sick of struggling in your business and want to make significantly more money - except it feels weird and icky to think along those lines because you're motivated by love rather than money.
  • Discovered an unsuspected talent, like writing or speaking, but you want to see if it makes sense to pursue it when you have a million other things to do
  • Picked up an idea for a book that you would love to explore further if you only had the time