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If a blessing comes to you and you feel you don’t deserve it, you will repel it, sabotage it, or even destroy it – because you can accept nothing when you refuse to accept yourself.

With the vital life skill of self-acceptance, you open the door to your hard work paying off instead of endlessly struggling …

Achieving your goals instead of setting and forgetting them 

And allowing your prayers to be answered instead of feeling lost and alone in an uncaring world.

Emotional and mental blocks, procrastination, resistance and self-sabotage effortlessly fall away when you stop blaming and shaming yourself.

“Your Top 10 Love and Money Magnet Activations” takes all the pain and difficulty out of trying to accept yourself because it lovingly brings you home to the truth of who you really are: a precious embodiment of Divine Love.

The best part? These Activations transform right along with you. Every time you listen to them, you will receive new insights and clearings. Even if you listen to these Activations 10 years from now, they will meet you where you are at that time. They are a gift to yourself that truly keeps on giving.

Take the first easy step toward claiming all the good this loving Universe wants you to have, by claiming these Love and Money Activations for yourself.

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This transformational training includes:

10 interactive four-step activations

For body, mind, heart and soul

A total of 40 MP3 downloads

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Your Top 10 Love and Money Magnet Activation Guidebooks

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In about 20 minutes … the time it takes to do ONE Activation …

You can start to feel, think, and know you deserve acceptance (and so much more!) right now, exactly as you are – which is the first, crucial step in attracting and allowing what you want to come into your life.

You can easily practice no-brainer self-acceptance right away, to build this vital life skill and embody the vibration of acceptance that draws love and money to you like a magnet.

Your new vibration opens the door for others to accept you … to love you … to hire you to do work you love … to shower you with golden opportunities and exciting invitations…

Because you finally feel worthy of actually accepting all the Love, Money, Success, Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment the Universe has wanted to give you all along!

The No-Brainer Guide to Self-Acceptance
Your Top 10 Love and Money Magnet Activations