JJ Flizanes: “Fit 2 Love” Podcast
The Seven Spiritual Secrets of Abundance
Abundance begins in Spirit, just like everything else. Explore with JJ and Moira how mastering the Seven Spiritual Secrets helps you create real-world Love and Money with ease and grace. Click here to listen now.

JJ Flizanes: "Fit 2 Love" Podcast

How Emotions Light Your Way to Love, Money - and More!

When you make friends with your feelings, your life can completely change - in a good way! Find out more with JJ and Moira as they open the door to living a rich, full life. Click here to listen now. If you would like deeper emotional healing, click here.​​

Francine Ramirez – Fabulous 50s and Beyond!
It’s Never Too Late to Receive Your Good

Your Good is eternally present – it’s just been waiting for you to say “Yes” to it to flow into your life!
- Would you like to say “Yes” to it now?

Your Good is rightfully yours – you never deprive anyone by accepting it!
- Would you like to accept it now?

Your Good belongs with you … it loves you … it wants to be with you!
- Would you like to embrace it now?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, be sure to catch this life-changing interview with Francine and Moira!

If you would like to experience deeper healing around "It's never too late," click here.

Emmanuel Dagher: Miracle Café
How Your Feelings About Your Mother Affect Your Ability to Manifest Love and Money

In this power-packed interview with Emmanuel, Moira connects the dots between the way you feel about your mother – and how your feelings may interfere with your ability to accept, allow and receive lasting love and permanent prosperity.

If you would like more extensive healing of your relationship with your mother, click here.

Find Practical Tips, Spiritual Insights, and Healing in These Interviews

Revealing the 5 Keys to Confidence

JJ Flizanes: "Fit 2 Love" Podcast

The Truth You are Missing about Love

The love you have been looking for lives inside you. You've just had trouble locating it. Let JJ and Moira help you find it in this ultra-healing interview. Click here to go to the show page and listen in.

JJ Flizanes: "Fit 2 Love" Podcast

Transcending Toxic Relationships

If you have noticed you keep attracting people who treat you badly - personally and/or professionally - have you ever wondered why that is? Find out with Moira and JJ in this power-packed healing program. Click here to go to the show page and tune in.

The 7 Spiritual Secrets of Abundance
How to believe in yourself
Get more confidence in yourself and faith in your future

Dr. Linda Sanicola: Be the Best You Can Be

Radio Show on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment Channel

Abundance is Your Natural State

Discover why Abundance is your natural state, even if you've never had it before

Experience Infinite Innocence - a powerful 3-Step Exercise to help you reconnect with your natural Abundance right away

Click here to listen now.

Kristin Macdonald: Second Vision Radio Show

How to Triumph Over a Big Challenge

Moira shares her story of overcoming a catastrophic back injury and five failed surgeries that left her bedridden for seven years. And how you can overcome a big challenge, too.