Maybe it used to be.

But with Moira’s no-brainer technique, it becomes easy to reach new levels of the self-acceptance essential to manifesting the Love and Money you want - and that your Higher Power wants you to have.

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In this transformational book and guided meditation, Moira will lovingly light your way to deep, authentic self-acceptance …

Because until you accept yourself, you will never accept Love or Abundance because you think you don’t deserve it – so you shove it away or sabotage it.

With “Top 10 Ways to Be a Love and Money Magnet,” you can effortlessly turn around that stinking thinking in just 20 minutes.

Even before you finish the meditation, you may find that the chaos in your mind has gone quiet ...

The ache in your heart has been comforted...

And you see yourself, and your path, more clearly than ever before.

You will find yourself feeling lighter, brighter, more confident and open to receive all the Good that’s been waiting for you to break through your unconscious barriers to Abundance.

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“Top 10 Ways to Be a Love and Money Magnet.”

Become a Love and Money Magnet in 20 Minutes!

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You want lasting love, yet you’re afraid of getting hurt.

You want financial freedom, but you’re worried the money will vanish as quickly as it appears.

These worries, while natural, indicate a lack of the self-acceptance you must have in order to attract Love and Money into your life.

Because until you accept yourself, you will never accept the fulfillment of your desires or the answer to your prayers.

Isn’t self-acceptance really hard?