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Frequently Asked Questions about Self Acceptance

What does self-acceptance have to do with being a Love and Money Magnet?

The short answer: Everything!

The detailed answer: If you do not accept yourself, you cannot accept anyone or anything else – including love, wealth, success, fame, fortune, freedom, happiness, peace of mind, or enlightenment – because you feel unworthy of having them.

When you feel unworthy of having what you want, your ego-mind generates procrastination, overwhelm, over-doing, over-giving and other forms of self-sabotage to block or chase away Love, Money, and the other good things in life to protect you from the burden of blessings you believe you don't deserve.

Why is that?

In terms of Science/Energy: How you do anything is how you do everything. If you withhold anything from yourself, such as love or esteem, you unconsciously influence others (even the Universe itself) to withhold love and approval from you because they follow your lead.

In terms of Spirit/Consciousness:What you do to one, you do to all – because we are all One. If you cannot accept your Self, what can you accept?

If you are at war with your Self, how will you ever create the peace that Love and Money need to take root and blossom in your life?

If I accept myself as I am, won’t that take away my motivation to improve myself, my income, my love life, or anything else?

In fact, you cannot change anything until you accept it. Until the moment of acceptance, you are fighting yourself or the situation you wish to change - which keeps you locked in the problem.

By contrast, acceptance lifts you above the problem so you can find a solution.

For instance, if you want to release excess weight, as long as you tell yourself “I’m so fat!” you’re effectively cementing fat molecules to your hips by affirming your fatness.

Enlightened self-acceptance sounds like: “I feel too heavy. I want to slim down. What is one thing I can do today to start making that happen?”

As soon as you ask the question, answers will start coming to you. You are free to reject the answers, or to accept one or two and start acting upon them.

I think I have high self-esteem, but I’m still not seeing anywhere near as much love or money in my life as I would like. What’s up with that?

Maybe you don’t have as much self-esteem as you think you do.

Or perhaps you intellectually accept yourself, while withholding acceptance on the emotional or unconscious level: you think you accept yourself while you feel unworthy of acceptance. 

This creates inner conflict, which undercuts your efforts to manifest love and money because your heart or feelings generate 60 times more energy than your brain or thoughts (per HeartMath Institute findings).

How I can tell if I have less self-esteem than I think?

Here are some tip-offs:

  • You have lovely glasses, plates and silverware, but you never use them if you’re eating by yourself. 
  • You brush aside compliments like “I love your sweater!” with dismissive comments like, “I got it on sale” or “What, this old thing?” 
  • You shrug off appreciative words like “Thank you for doing that!” with “No problem” or “Just doing my job.” 
  • You notice a bruise on the banana or apple you’re eating, and you eat the bruised part anyway. 
  • You say “Yes” when you really want to say “No.”
  • You pretend something is okay when it is Seriously. Not. Okay.

If it’s true that how you do anything is how you do everything, each of these examples indicate the presence of an unconscious pattern of rejecting yourself.

It is impossible to close your heart against yourself and open it up to love, money, or success. It doesn’t work that way. A stone wall keeps out everything, both good and bad.

When you accept yourself, you open to accept your good ... to accept Love ... Wealth ... the answer to your prayers.

Okay, let’s say I’m recognizing myself in some of these examples. What can I do?

I'm so glad you asked. This entire site is dedicated to supporting you in accepting yourself so you can be a Love and Money Magnet.

Here are three places to begin:

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