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Does your heart ache with loneliness?

You may hope finding new love will make the pain go away. But unless you feel worthy of love, it's impossible to attract a partner who loves and respects you.

Low self-worth costs you the love you've been yearning for.

Do you think a million dollars will solve all of your problems?

Until you feel worthy of wealth, money will slip through your fingers because your net worth reflects your self-worth. 

Low self-esteem costs you a fortune.

It's Not Your Fault You Have Low Self-Esteem

You grew up with people who could not love or accept you. You figured there must be something wrong with you. That's only logical, right? Well, that only shows you the limits of logic. Feelings laugh in the face of logic, which is why you can't talk yourself into self-acceptance.

You have been wounded by others, so you built a wall around your heart to protect yourself from pain; it's the most natural thing in the world. Avoiding love will keep you from getting hurt again, right? So ... has that ever worked for you?

You have been hypnotized by a culture rooted in "realistic" beliefs like: 

  • Love hurts
  • I have to place my needs last in order to be loved
  • I can only love myself if others love me first
  • It's selfish, egotistical, or arrogant to think I'm a good person
  • If I accept myself as I am, I will lose my motivation to improve myself or my situation
  • It's bad, un-spiritual, or selfish for me to want lots of money

All of these beliefs have one thing in common - none of them are facts.

If any of these beliefs feel true to you ... would it be fair to say you have been struggling to create lasting love and permanent prosperity - with little or no success?

Low self-esteem blocks your ability to attract Love and Money ... because you can never attract anything you feel unworthy of having. Would you like to turn that around now?

Help and Hope are Here Now

To make love and money a real-world reality in your relationships and your bank account, you need to accept yourself FIRST.

Saying "I'll accept myself when someone loves me" or "I'll accept myself when I've made a million dollars" will keep love and abundance far away from you - because you can only attract what you feel worthy of having right now.

It's not enough to want love. You must feel worthy of love - otherwise you will never let yourself have it. You will repel, sabotage, or even destroy love that feels undeserved.

It's not enough to want wealth. You must feel worthy of wealth - otherwise you will never let yourself have it. You will manifest a financial emergency, or get yourself swindled to drain away excess cash you feel unworthy of having.

(If you've ever wondered why something expensive happens whenever you have a windfall, you have your answer.)

When you feel truly worthy of love, love will come running to you.

When you feel truly worthy of wealth, money will flow to you from countless directions.

Do you feel like accepting yourself, or feeling worthy, is easier said than done?

I can help you with that. Check out these options:

You can only attract what you feel worthy of having

Do You Block Love, Success and Fulfillment Without Realizing It?