Open the Door to Love and Money: Get Help with Accepting Yourself

  • Find out why you’ve had such painful experiences around Love and Money. It’s not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you!

  • Get clear, loving and specific guidance around challenges that make you feel frazzled, frightened, or frustrated, so you can create the joyful, fulfilling, meaningful life you were born to live – and that your Higher Power wants you to have.

  • Discover and cancel past-life vows of poverty, chastity, silence, obedience, slavery, punishment, atonement, unforgiveness, vengeance, or suffering … so you can actuallyfind the love, prosperity, freedom and fun you deserve here and now, in this lifetime.

  • Get your specific personal blueprint for creating rich relationships, lasting love and permanent prosperity – so you can move forward with confidence and joy into your greater yet-to-be.

Here’s the bottom line: You are always only one thought away from creating the new way of living you desire - a life full of love, laughter, prosperity, purpose and peace.

Your thoughts and feelings have brought you to your current situation.

And they can take you to the next level … and the next … and the next … until your glorious new way of living feels so natural to you, you wonder why you ever thought it would be hard to get there.

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How can wonderful changes happen for you with ease and grace?

The Course in Miracles teaches us that the only miracle we ever need to pray for is the miracle of Right Perception.

Because when you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.

The fastest, easiest way I’ve found to connect with Right Perception is by reading the Akashic Records – your Book of Life.

This archive of your soul’s journey through all lifetimes includes:

CONTRACTS: Your soul contracts with others, including your mother, father, spouse, boss and children have shaped your relationships with these people.

I can help you renegotiate, cancel or delete these contracts during a Akashic Reading.

VOWS: Your Past-life vows of poverty, chastity, silence, obedience, loyalty, atonement, punishment, or vengeance that have shaped your life without your realizing it.

I can help you cancel those vows in the most honorable, loving and sacred way.

DNA: Your genetic coding, passed on through your mother and father, can reinforce addictions, attitudes and behaviors you want to let go of, and haven’t been able to overcome.

I can help you release those ancestral influences and replace them with the attitudes and behaviors you desire – with the greatest respect for your ancestors.

THIS LIFE: Your experiences in this lifetime were meant to teach you about love, though it may not have seemed like it at the time.

I can help you get the true lessons you were meant to learn and release the false lessons you’ve carried along that have created additional hardships for you.

For instance, if your mother or father neglected you, you might have learned the false lesson “I don’t deserve to have my needs met” – while the true lesson is more likely to be: “I deserve to be with people who care about me and my needs.”

What results can you expect after an Akashic Record reading?

How much more love would you enjoy in your life if you knew you deserve to be with people who care about you and your needs?

How much more money would you have in your life if you knew your gifts were given to you to share with others, and that you were meant to prosper from that sharing?

What would it feel like to look in the mirror each day and love the person you see gazing back at you?

How exciting would it be to effortlessly use your thoughts and feelings to create a joyful, fulfilling and meaningful life?

How glorious will you feel when you create the only kind of success worth having – living your life on your terms, in your way, in harmony with your values, with people you love who love you?

How much happiness can you stand?

How much love and money will you allow into your life?

Isn’t it amazing that you are only ONE thought away from starting to create your dream life – whatever that means to you?

We can start creating that dream life of yours right here, right now.

No more waiting.

Are you ready?

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I look forward to lighting your way to your Abundant new life!

With Love and Appreciation,

Moira Shepard