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About Abundance Here and Now

Many men and women feel called to be a coach, a healer, or a thought leader. Yet they decide to wait until things slow down … until they get one more certification or degree … until the kids move out … until, until, until.

The bottom line:  These precious souls lack faith in themselves.

Self-doubt prevents a heartbreaking number of gifted people from sharing their talents with a world that desperately needs them. It also stops them from making a living doing what lights them up inside.

Abundance Here and Now offers resources to release self-doubt and increase self-confidence; for artists, coaches, healers, leaders, speakers, visionaries and writers, so they can follow their bliss and make an abundant living doing it.

How We Got Started

I spent 20 years working in mass media, until a back injury left me unable to sit, stand, or walk. After five failed surgeries, the doctors gave up on me.

I spent the next seven years in bed.

Alternative healers got me to the point where I could stay vertical for about 15 minutes a day, which was fantastic - yet I wanted more.

One blessed night, I woke up out of a sound

sleep because someone seemed to be calling me: 

"Moira, get up! We need you! It's time for you to

play your part in healing the world."

Before that day, nothing could get me out of bed.

After that day, nothing could keep me down.

And here I am.

And here you are, perhaps because your soul was one of those calling out to mine.

Bless you for your part in my healing.

Maybe you will let me return the favor sometime.

As a transformational teacher, I activate Abundance breakthroughs in tele-summits, blogs, articles, radio shows, workshops and private sessions with clients from Los Angeles to London to Lahore.

After nearly 20 years in the healing arts, I rejoice in the privilege of supporting thousands of people in living their dreams – including you, if you’re willing.

My training includes:

  • Akashic Record Reading and Healing
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Science of Mind
  • DNA Repatterning
  • Neurological Repatterning
  • ThetaHealing ®
  • Violet Flame of Transmutation
  • Distance Healing
  • Buddha Mind Reiki
  • Intuitive (Psychic) Anatomy
  • Seven Rays of Creation
  • Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy / Ericksonian Hyponsis 

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In the meantime, my dear, thank you for taking the time to read this.

With Love and Appreciation,

Moira Shepard